Who We Are

Made In Lesotho CO-operative (Milco) is a legally registered retail cooperative that sells ONLY made in Lesotho products/services.


Milco was created by, and it is incubated under, the National University of Lesotho (NUL) Innovation Hub.

What We Do

We trade on, and sell ONLY, Made in Lesotho products/services.

Acceptability by the Market

We enable Lesotho products to gain acceptability by the market.

Packaging and Branding

Our Packaging and Branding Department helps Local producers to professionalize their Packaging and Branding.

Export Launchpad

Having Milco in Tanzania means selling Made in Lesotho products/services in Tanzania.

Product Testing

We assist Lesotho producers with quality testing of their products.

What We Do

We sell Lesotho products/services in (1) Physical stores (2) Online stores (3) Wholesalers and we (4) market Lesotho products/services.

Lesotho Products In One Place

We concentrate all Lesotho products/services into one place in each district of Lesotho and beyond.